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It will take you time to choose from our extensive menu based on 20 years of traditional rice-making: paella with veggies, mixed, with meat, with fish and seafood, soupy, cooked with fish or seafood broth and served separately with grilled fish or seafood, seasonal (with mushrooms, spring onions, artichokes…). And all of which are available in fideuá version.

creamy oxtail rice.

Not long ago, we received an unexpected visit from a journalist from the prestigious Forbes magazine. She was looking for the best paella in Barcelona. We chose the rice dish that we thought was most appealing due to its flavour, its juiciness, its cooking technique… And it seems she was smitten because she placed us on her coveted list of “The 10 best paellas in Barcelona” for our creamy oxtail rice. 

30% sea water

Cooking with a percentage of sea water is common in haute cuisine, and we wanted to bring it to our restaurants because of all the benefits it provides. Apart from reducing annual salt use, we preserve the natural area of the salt flats from the use of overly aggressive machinery that can alter the flora and fauna. And we also know that the use of sea water in cooking provides a totally natural flavour.

The salt masks the original flavour and the sea water enhances it. The sea water we use is filtered and specially treated for consumption; it contains iodine and mineral salts, which are essential for good health. It promotes improvement in intestinal transit due to the increased nutrients in the dishes. It balances heartburn and prevents digestive discomfort caused by common salt or flavour enhancers. What’s more, it naturally regulates blood pressure and cholesterol level.

As such, all our rice dishes are notable for having their unique flavour nuances reminiscent of those brush strokes traditionally present in seafood stews. In short, our philosophy is about going back to the roots of fishermen’s cuisine, respecting the product, using rice from our province and, above all, ensuring that each dish is prepared with the utmost care.